In the day of a Senior Pictures..

I first meet my Seniors at my studio in downtown Hartland. For my senior girls we get hair and makeup done for their pictures. You get to send me photos prior to the day of the shoot of what you have in mind for your desired look. My makeup artist will put fake eyelashes on you and airbrush makeup. You can go dramatic or as little makeup as you please. This process is about pampering my senior girls for their one in a lifetime pictures.

We than head out to take the pictures. The photoshoot is about 1 hour long and includes 2-3 outfit changes. I bring along a pop up tent so you can change right on the location.. or you can change in your car and freshen up.

For this shoot, we started at my studio with hair and makeup. Than headed over to a Rustic red barn and took some photos. This senior girl had seen pictures online of a previous senior I did pictures of and wanted to also take photos in a wildflower field. I am always down to take photos WHEREVER, so we did just that.

We finished off her shoot at a ANOTHER beautiful flower location and some down by a lake with a walking out pier.

COME take a look at this beautiful senior girls pictures!


A&A Photography, LLC