The Story of a Photographer

A&A Photography was founded on my love for my daughters and watching them play. My daughters are Ashlynn and April, hence the name A&A Photography. I am very proud owner of A&A Photography, LLC. Being a mom has taught me the true essence & the beauty of childhood. I love preserving those special smiles and small chubby cheeks. The moments go by so fast and with so little time we have.. now is the time to capture your heirloom photos.



A&A Photography

What does a shoot look like with me?


I want this to be an experience.. I want everyone to feel laid back and as though you are with a friend.. AKA ME!

Let's show through your personality.. your families "funnies" and all around goof sides.

Let's be Playful

“I want to be Playful..

I want people to look at what I create and smile”