Let's Start with the Goddess ..and the baker..

I as a photographer.. get sick of well.. the "norm"

We all know it.. we have seen it .. every photographer does the same theme.. the same locations.. the same kinda photos..

I searched out a mommy who would be willing to go adventure with me.. to shoot a photoshoot that's different and fun.. FUN being in all caps.. and this was nothing short of that.

We met at the Goddess and the baker to start the shoot. Mom ordered a super cute unicorn cupcake w/ sprinkles (this was a MUST) and we explored the bakery and ate cupcakes (for breakfast I might add).

This little miss was turning "4" and had just the biggest personality.. she was perfect for this bakery/shopping extravaganza...

Scroll to the bottom of page for some of the best parts !

Now onto Shopping..

Altar'd in the corners of brookfield was game with us shopping around AND taking photos!

We walked around and tired things on .. (I might or might not have bought something for myself at the end of this shoot.. if you haven't been you MUST)..

The smiles we got along the way and the pure joy it brought to my client's daughter was something that shows through in every photo!

When and where will be planning your next shoot for your kids big bday pictures? A candy store/arcade... a cute "fixing car" shoot.. ANYTHING you come up with .. let's make it happen!


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